Corrugated Tubes

Flexible joints for intelligent assembly 

In the last few years Corrugated Tubes have been implemented more and more as an advantageous connecting element in many technical applications, especially fort he solar-, heating- and sanitary-industry. Compared to common metal bellows the main difference is that corrugated tubes do not show a defined spring characteristic taking into account that their fields of application usually require flexibility not as kind of fixed spring behaviour, but just for easier assembling.

Therefore, corrugated tubes may also consist of two or several corrugated areas, whereas this is not a necessity. According to their fields of application an advantageous assembling-, respectively connecting-process (endforms, type of joint) is an important factor of design.

CORRUGATED TUBES of Stainless Steel

Corrugated Tubes of Stainless Steel with different types of endforms and corrugated areas

CORRUGATED TUBES of Stainless Steel

Corrugated Tubes of Stainless Steel as special form parts with O-rings-seat and one or two corrugated areas

BELLOWS ASSEMBLY/ CORRUGATED TUBES for heating and sanitary technology

Bellows Assemblies/Corrugated Tubes as flexible components with connecting nuts (screw joints) in different lengths

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