The company

Quality and service with tradition

We proudly look back to more than 70 years of experience and tradition. During this time period the company developed successfully in a continuous way strictly using their own resources. It was and is always our goal to satisfy our customers with high-quality products and assist them in our best way by offering suitable solutions, even for exceptional requirements. The experience of more than half a century in metal bellows technology guarantees highest quality and an individual service.

From a pioneer to a modern industrial enterprise

The company’s founder, Max Gustav Heitz, was one of the pioneers in metal bellows technology in Germany. A permanent increase of the product range and a consequent development of production technology enabled HEITZ to strengthen their market position continuously. Today, HEITZ belong to the leading manufacturers of bellows-based flexible components in the world. Among others, this is due to an extraordinary variety in products produced, meeting highest quality standards and offering an unusual flexibility in lot-sizes as well as being close to the customer.

‘Being close to the customer’ is the company’s main philosophy

HEITZ are specialized in manufacturing customer-specific components. Therefore, we are often involved by our customers in technical consulting and assistance for development and design of new products. This is an important point and should be taken into account, even for a high-tech functional component like a metal bellows. ‘Being close to the customer’ has always been a vital element in HEITZ’ philosophy. A market presence of more than seven decades is a result of that customer-based and responsible management.

Highest quality standards, continuous improvement

HEITZ are well known for the high quality level of their products. Furthermore, they present a voluminous product range and produce lot-sizes from single-piece to several hundred-thousands. High technology standards and permanent technological improvement are basics of their efficiency.

Technological know-how and wide application’s experience

Besides extensive production know-how in bellows technology HEITZ perform a considerable experience in application-engineering in many fields, and most likely we will have a solution for your needs, too.