Expansion joints

Compensation by flexible connection

Expansion joints are flexible mechanical elements, mainly existing of one or several metal bellows connected with flanges, weld or thread fittings on one or both ends. This may also include internal guide tubes, external protective sleeves, anchor ties etc.
The primary applications of expansion joints are in piping systems and sanitary technology using them

• to compensate pipe expansions and shrinkage due to temperature changes,
• as elements to match non-aligned pipes,
• to make pipe assembly easier,
• to dampen vibration and noise.

Either for axial movements either for lateral and angular movements HEITZ provide a wide range of proven, well-designed products. HEITZ offer expansion joints in a standard stock program as well as customer-specific expansion joints.

EXPANSION JOINTS with screw joints

Universal Expansion Joints with screw joints (types St.VGi and St.HV) for use in sanitary systems


Special Compensators for universal or lateral movements

UNIVERSAL EXPANSION JOINTS completely of Stainless Steel

Universal Compensator with cylindrical tube ends (type St.S) for weld-joint in tube systems

Stainless Steel EXPANSION JOINTS for industry plants

Tube Compensators of high temperature resistant Stainless Steel as components in industry plants

UNIVERSAL EXPANSION JOINTS completely of Stainless Steel, both ends with outer thread adapter(screw-fittings)

Universal Expansion Joint (type St.Ga) with outer thread adapters for screw-assembly in tube systems

EXPANSION JOINTS with flange connections

Universal Expansion Joints with welded flanges (type St.FF) and with loose flanges (type St.FB) as connectors

SPECIAL EXPANSION JOINTS completely of Stainless Steel for mechanical engineering and plant construction

Special Expansion Joints for applications in mechanical engineering and plant construction

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This is only a small excerpt from our product portfolio in the range of expansion joints.

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